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Barbara L. Austin, EdD

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Stress Management Consultant

Barbara has a private practice in Gilbert, AZ. As a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Stress Management Consultant, she specializes in Cumulative Stress for Caregivers. Not limiting her practice to caregivers, she also works with clients to manage the stress in their lives.

In 2016, she retired from Corporate America to provide caregiving support for her husband who struggles with advanced Parkinson’s Disease. This began her career of delving into the stress of caregiving and the potential ways that hypnosis assists both her and her husband through this journey.

How I Can Help?



Barbara provides private 60-90 minutes sessions in her office or via Zoom. Each session deals with specific issues or challenges the client wants to learn to heal or how to change behaviors.


Barbara collaborates with various non-profit agencies like Dignity Health and DUET to offer free workshops on managing chronic pain, coping with the fear of falling, and providing care for conditions like dementia and Parkinson's.

Quality Foundations

Educational Expert

Barbara has an extensive educational background with a BA in Psychology, an MA in General Education, and an EdD in Educational Leadership, showcasing her deep understanding of human behavior and educational systems.


Barbara is a multi-faceted professional with certifications such as Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant, earned from reputable organizations like SWIHA, IMDHA, and NATH, indicating her expertise in therapeutic techniques.

Flexible & Convenient

Barbara offers flexibility in her practice by conducting sessions either in person or through virtual Zoom meetings.

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"Barb - thank you so much and this is incredibly helpful to me and rivals anything out there on Insight Timer - I think you would get tons of hits on it!..."

Phyllis - Client

"...What you shared of the feelings really resonated with me. The ripple and positive impact of your presentation today is probably way bigger than you could even imagine"

Rosie. IMDHA Conference

"Thanks for all u do for me. I've been more at peace since our meeting."

Susan - Client

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