Aspect Hypnotherapy

Hi, I’m Barbara
L. Austin, EdD

Guiding you to bypass the conscious mind and allow access to the unconscious mind, where negative or unwanted behaviors and thought patterns can be identified and reframed.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method to open your mind, heart and body to healing

Qualification and Coaching methodology


In 2016, she retired from Corporate America to provide caregiving support for her husband who struggles with advanced Parkinson’s Disease. This began her career of delving into the stress of caregiving and the potential ways that hypnosis assists both her and her husband through this journey.


Barbara facilitates caregiver support groups for those caring for someone with Parkinson’s Disease. She is also an adjunct instructor of Neurolinguistic Linguistics Programming (NLP) at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA).


Barbara uses guided imagery, NLP, breathing techniques, meditation, and life coaching to promote healing. She facilitates group guided discussions for caregivers, journaling techniques and self-help resources.

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